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If you are a small business or manufacturer, you may have developed a method, device, process or technique that has been used for a number of years within your industry. Other businesses or manufacturers may benefit or enhance their profits by using your method or tooling. You might consider protecting your unique idea or method by seeking a patent. This enables you to license the use of your device, tooling, or method to others in the same industry. Patents are valid and enforceable, generally, for a term of 17 years.

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At Hollin Law Offices, we are committed to assisting small- to medium-sized businesses and manufacturers protect their intellectual property. We take pride in our client relationships and strive to understand the special needs and goals of each individual client. Our main goal is to protect your patent rights and navigate the legal processes vital to getting your ideas, methods, techniques or products protected.

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Many times small business owners or manufacturers are unaware that they have a certain tool, product, device or method that is not commonly known in the market place. This method may have been used for years within the industry. A patent can provide legal protection and others from copying the technique or device, or using unfair trade practices to avoid your proprietary rights.

Attorney J.T. Hollin can help you seek a patent. He can also help you perform a patent search of your method or tool to determine if it is unique and could be successfully patented as a commercial product. This could then be sold or licensed to other businesses within the industry.

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