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One of the main ways you can protect your intellectual property is by obtaining a patent for it from the United State Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This will legally protect your creative work from being made, sold or used for a certain amount of time by someone.

At the Hollin Law Offices, we can help you obtain a patent for your intellectual property, whether it be a concept, design, processes or invention.

Helping You Protect Your Intellectual Property

With the comprehensive legal knowledge Atlanta attorney J.T. Hollin has gained from his 30 years of practice, you can expect sound advice and representation when it comes to your intellectual property matter.

One of the most important steps that J.T. Hollin will perform for you is conducting a preliminary patent search of the patents filed with the USPTO. By doing this search, he will determine if your unique product or process is very similar to a previously patented invention (called ‘prior art’). If the search yields these results, J.T. Hollin will advise you on the next course of action.

At Hollin Law Offices, we can also help you with commonly asked questions, like:

What is a provisional and non-provisional application for patent?
The largest difference between a provisional and non-provisional application for patent is that a provisional application will never result in a patent. A provisional patent application allows inventors a lower-cost way of procuring a patent filing date while still giving them time to finalize their creative work. It lasts 12 months, and a non-provisional patent, or full patent, must be applied for within that time period, otherwise you will lose your priority filing date and protection, which may allow another person or company to capitalize on your invention.

J.T. Hollin will help you apply for one of these applications by walking you through the legal process, obtaining the right specifications and drawings and presenting your invention to the USPTO.

How can I avoid infringement?
If your invention is found to have been copied from or partially incorporated with an already patented invention, you could face infringement charges. The owner of the original creative work could sue for damages and leave you with expensive legal fees. J.T. Hollin can help you avoid patent infringement by searching the USPTO database back 20 or more years to ensure your product is truly unique.

If someone accuses you of patent infringement, J.T. Hollin can also help you draft a responsive that states reasons and evidence as to why your invention or application is patentable and does not infringe by law.

Why would I need to apply for a design or utility patent?
Design patents often apply (but are not limited) to people who have created clothing inventions, like styles and patterns. A design patent protects the appearance of an article, whereas a utility patent protects the structural and functional features of an article. If your invention has to do with both appearance and utility of the product, J.T. Hollin can help you make a decision to apply in the appropriate category.

If you are facing patent infringement or other legal disputes regarding your invention, J.T. Hollin can offer skilled legal representation in federal district court.

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