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Protecting and promoting your creativity is our goal at Hollin Law Offices. We are determined to do so by helping you obtain a patent or trademark through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). We can also assist you with manufacturer and distributor license agreements in order to reproduce and sell your creative work. Contact us online today.

Georgia Intellectual Property Law: Patents and Trademarks

More than 30 years of legal experience as an attorney serving Atlanta has afforded J.T. Hollin extensive insight and knowledge of trademark and patent laws. He can offer legal advice and representation in the following areas:

  • Patent application and prosecution J.T. Hollin will perform a preliminary patent search in order to identify any already existing products that are very similar to your creation, draft necessary documents for a USPTO provisional or non-provisional patent application, file for a design or utility patent if necessary, and protect your creative work against infringement, etc.
  • Office actions – We can assist you in preparing an appropriate response to an initial Office Action or a “final” Office Action from USPTO, whether a patent or trademark application.
  • Trademarks and TTAB practiceDepending on your product or process, J.T. Hollin will help you obtain a trademark or service mark, perform a search for confusingly similar names already filed with the USPTO, negotiate with other individuals or companies regarding your product name and represent you before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB), if necessary.
  • Patents for small businesses and manufacturers – We assist small businesses and manufacturers protect any unique tools, devices, methods, techniques, etc. This can be done through a patent application or occasionally, a copyright registration.
  • Intellectual property licensing and litigation – J.T. Hollin can negotiate with manufacturers that can make your patented product, create licensing agreements, negotiate with manufacturers regarding appropriate agreements, and represent your case in court if litigation becomes a necessity.

At Hollin Law Offices, we know your unique product or service is extremely valuable. We have the experience to help you strike the right balance between protecting and commercializing your creative work. We invite you to contact us with any questions you may have regarding your intellectual property rights and options.

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Do you need help with legally protecting your creative work? Call the Hollin Law Offices in Georgia today at 678-681-1578, or contact us online. Atlanta patent attorney J.T. Hollin can help you obtain a patent or trademark from the USPTO. We represent clients in northern Georgia and throughout the U.S.

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