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Trademarks and TTAB Practice

J.T. Hollin of Hollin Law Offices wants to help you protect your idea, process, design and other intellectual property the best way he knows how. This is dependent on the type of creative work you want to protect.

If your invention involves a product or design, you will want to register a...

Trademark - When you register a trademark, you are protecting the name, word or symbol your product is known by in commerce. A trademark does not prevent others from making the same type of product as yours like a patent does, however, it distinguishes your product from the consumer's perspective of other similar products.

If your invention involves a service, you will want to register a...

Service mark - Like a trademark, registering a service mark for your service protects it's name, or the word or symbol it is known by in commerce. It does not protect your actual service like a patent does.

J.T. Hollin can help you determine the proper classification that your service falls under and search for words, names and images in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) database that are confusingly similar to your creative work.

Safeguard Your Product or Service

With more than 30 years providing legal assistance to residents of Atlanta, Georgia, and throughout the U.S., J.T. Hollin is prepared to help you protect your intellectual property by guiding you through the process of trademark and service mark registration.

While the time it takes to register a trademark or service mark may be less than the time it takes to get a patent, J.T. Hollin can help you prepare the necessary requirements for your application so you aren't rejected by the USPTO examiner at the time of assessment.

This includes an electronic image of the trademark or service mark, specifications, a list of the goods or services on which it will be used and a filing fee for the appropriate class of goods associated with the mark.

What if my trademark/service mark is opposed?
After you've finished and submitted your application, an examiner from the USPTO will assess it for completeness, consistency and for other qualifications. If the examiner refuses your application, then J.T. Hollin will help you identify the deficiencies and resubmit it, or reassess your trademark/service mark to conclude if it needs to be redesigned, etc.

If within the 30-day period that your initial trademark or service mark is published in the Official Gazette an individual or a company objects to it, J.T. Hollin may perform one of the following courses of action:

  • Negotiate with the person or company that is opposing it
  • Come to a coexistence agreement
  • Draw agreement for coexistence of the first mark
  • Assist you with Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB) procedures, including electronic filings

As an accomplished litigator, Georgia trademark litigation attorney J.T. Hollin will prepare your case and skillfully present it to the TTAB. We strive to protect our clients' creative work; we will aggressively defend you if court proceedings become necessary.

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Do you want to register a trademark or servicemark for your invention? Call the Hollin Law Offices in Georgia today at 770-872-4703, or contact us online. Atlanta trademark lawyer J.T. Hollin can represent you in your trademark litigation case. We work with clients in northern Georgia and throughout the U.S.

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